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Custom T-shirt Quilts.

Bring us your t-shirts and we will make them
into a quilt to be treasured for years.


Three Easy Steps:

  1. Choose the number of 
    T-shirts you would like to use in the quilt.

  2. Choose one fabric color to be used around the shirts   and on the back of the quilt.

  3. Bring us your t-shirts.
    (Please make sure they are laundered.)

We'll do the rest. 

Common T-shirt quilt Sizes

12" T-Shirt Squares

20 T-shirts (Approx. 58" x 72")


24 T-shirts (Approx. 58" x 86")


30 T-shirts (Approx. 72" x 86")



15" T-Shirts Squares


20 T-shirts (Approx. 70" x 87")


24 T-Shirts (Approx. 70" x 104")


30 T-Shirts (Approx. 87" x 104")


The t-shirt sizes listed are standard sizes. We can adjust these to fit your needs.


In the sample shown below, the customer only had 12 t-shirts. Four of them were 2 sided. That gave us 16 pieces to work with. Some of the shirts had larger images. We didn't want to cut the image, so 8 of the shirts were cut to 15 x 20" to accommodate the images. and 8 were 15" square. Final size was 69" x 78".


Prices include: Cutting and stabilizing the t-shirts, adding fabric in between the shirts and a border, cotton batting, fabric for the back, longarm quilting, and binding the edges.

Fabric Choices for Borders and Back.*











* Fabrics subject to change based on availability.

Download the order form to get started!

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