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How To Bind Your Quilt Completely by Machine

The most asked question I get is ....
How do you do your bindings by machine and have them look so perfect? 

Have you tried to do your binding by machine and been less than happy with the results? Maybe you sewed the binding on to the front, folded it around to the back, and stitched in the ditch along the front only to have the back be a mess.

After many failed attempts to sew a binding by machine that looked good, I developed a method that works beautifully every time. With a little practice, you can master this method! I know I probably make this look easy  - and it is... With Practice! Remember I bind at least 50 quilts a year using this method. To help you practice I put together the Binding Essentials Kit. All the tools you need PLUS a quilted piece to practice on. Do you have some of the tools already? Everything in the kit can also be purchased separately. Just get what you need to master binding your quilts by machine. The Binding Essentials Kit is optional - not required to bind your quilt by Machine.

This 40 minute video takes you through the process step-by-step so even if you've never done binding before - you will be able to after watching this video. And do it well!! Watch as often as you need to.
In addition, you can download written instructions with pictures for reference. All for only $5!! Once purchased you can 
immediately download the instruction sheets. You will receive an email with the video link after the order has been processed.

Questions - just email me any time.

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