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Frequently Asked Questions

I only see instructions to make 4" Cat's Cradle blocks (Block 1). How many 3" do I make?

There are not any 3" Cat's Cradle blocks in Block 1. You will make 3" Cat's Cradle blocks later.

The instructions say to cut a 6" x WOF from the background and then subcut a 4 1/2" square. Why cut a 6" strip if I only need 4 1/2"?
Later in the quilt you will need 6" of that fabric. It saves fabric waste to cut the 6" now instead of a 4 1/2" now and a 6" later.

Save all the strips when cutting WOF. Later patterns will say to cut sizes but no WOF cuts will be stated. Look through your previous cuts to find the strip that closely matches the size you need and cut your pieces from that.

My Cat's Cradle blocks are 4" and the other fabric squares are 4 1/2". Is that correct? (Block 1)

The numbers on the Cat's Cradle Template refer to the FINISHED SIZE. That means the size of the block once it is sewn to other pieces. The Cat's Cradle units for Block 1 should measure 4 1/2" after trimming. (Step 7 of the general Cat's Cradle instructions mentions a 3 1/2" block. That was just an example.)

I precut my fabrics for Method 1 of the Cat's Cradle. Do I need to cut the fabrics for Method 2? 

No, just cut the fabrics for the method you intend to use throughout the quilt. 

My Split Cat's Cradle block aren't finishing correctly (method #1 Template). I am losing the points on the split when sewing them to other blocks. What am I doing wrong?

A common mistake is trying to add the square to make the "split" before trimming the Cat's Cradle to size. Always trim the Cat's Cradle block completely to size, THEN add the fabric to create the split look.

Should I cut my pieces larger so the finished block can be trimmed to 12 1/2"?

No. because all the pieces that are going into the blocks have already been trimmed to the correct sizes, your block should finish to 12 1/2" without any additional trimming needed.

Block 2...
In the bottom section "A little bit more" it say to cut 2 - 3 1/2" x WOF strips and subcut 12 - 3 1/2" squares. Do I need two strips?

Maybe. Mathematically it works using one strip that measures 42". If you washed your fabric, it could shrink and you may not get 12 squares. Not all fabrics are created equal and they may not measure 42" salvage to salvage. My suggestion is to cut 1 - 3 1/2" strip. If you get 12 squares from that, great! If not, cut another strip to get a total of 12 squares needed.

My frames just fit the block. Is it ok if I cut them longer, sew them on and trim them?

The blocks should measure 12 1/2" square before adding your frames. If they are larger (or smaller) double check your quarter inch seam allowance. An easy way to check the 1/4" is to cut three strips of fabric each measuring 1 1/2" wide. Sew them together along the length. Press seams towards the outer strips. Measure the center strip. It should measure 1". If it doesn't, adjust your 1/4" and try again.

The purpose of cutting the frames to size is to keep the blocks square.

Block 4

Cutting instructions for Fabric 4. 1 - 6 1/2" x WOF. 
Cut 1 - 6 1/2" square from that WOF.

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